Songs and Stories


Lyackson Stories

Kat Norris' Introduction video*

Kat Norris’ Introduction video. 

*Please note that Kat’s stories are for older students

Kat Norris' History video*

Kat Norris’ History video.

*Please note that Kat’s stories are for older students

Andrea Fritz

Reading of I Don’t Know story


Cultural Presenters

The Indigenous Education Department has a listing of many Indigenous resource people to support teachers in integrating Indigenous content into their curriculum. These resource people are available to any class in the district and will be paid for by the INED department.

Video Resources

Spend some time with Cowichan School District Elder Dolly Sylvester while she helps us understand more about the Cowichan culture or learn some the ‘Hul’q’umi’num’ Word of the Week’