Spuptitul Grade 8 – 10

Grade 8-10
Each student will stand up and in hul’q’umi’num say a greeting and introduce themselves. They will include their name, where they are from and a relative.
Uy’ netulh. ‘Een’thu __________. Tun’ni’ tsun ‘utl’__________. ________ tuna si’lu.
(Good-morning. My name is _____. I am from _________.  ________ is my grandfather.) * grandfather is still alive
Uy’ netulh. ‘Een’thu __________. Tun’ni’ tsun ‘utl’__________. ________ kw’unu si’lu ‘ulh. (Good-morning. My name is _____. I am from _________.  ________ is my grandfather.)  * grand father is deceased
Each student will be asked one of the following questions. They will respond in Hul’q’umi’num.
a)  ‘I i ch ‘o’ sthuthi? (How are you?)
b)‘Ii ch ‘o’ ts-sa’luqw’a’? (Do you have brothers and sisters?)
c)   Ni’ wulh kw’in? (What time is it now?)
d)  Nii ‘a’lu untsu kw thun kupou? (Where is your jacket?)
a)I tsun ‘o’ sthuthi (I am fine)Uw-wu tsu ‘iin’ sthuthi’. (I am not well)Huy ch q’u, ‘i tsun ‘o’ sthuthi’. (I am well thank you.)b) Hee. ___ kwthu su’lasuqwt (Yes, I have ___ younger sisters/brothers)
Hee. ____ kwthu nu shushiyulh. (Yes, I have ____ old
er sisters/brothers)
ORUwuw’ te’ nu s’a’luqw’a’. (No. I don’t have any brothers or sisters.)c)  Students need to be able to tell the time in Hul’q’umi’numd)  ‘Eut ‘i’ ‘utu ‘i tunu kapou. (My coat is right here)
Na’ ‘ut s’a’kw’us tu nu kupou ni’ ‘utu ni’. (My coat is haning over there.)
Ni’ ni’ ‘ukwthu nu lelum. (My coat is at the house.)
How do you say…?
An adult will read an English phrase to each student. The student will say the phrase in Hul’q’umi’num.
Tth‘ihwum ch ‘i’ tl’u wulh nemus-tuhw.
(Please repeat)
Nem tsun wulh ‘itut.
(I am going to sleep now.)
Mi ‘ew-wu.
(Come here)
Huy ch q’u, ‘utuna xew’s skweyul.
(Thank-you for this new day)
Qw ‘aqw’ulux ch.
(Excuse me. – Move out of the way.)
‘O’ siamut ch ‘ul.
(You just take it easy)
Hwilas-mut ch tun shhw ‘a’luqw ‘a’
(Take care of your family)
Stem a lu’ tu’ ‘i’? (What is it?)
An adult will point to a picture and ask each student to say in Hul’q’umi’num what the picture is.
stekun (sock)
qwlhuy’shun (shoe)
q’p’une’tun (hair tie)
shyum’tun (belt)
tsum’utun (back pack)
suqiws (pants)
qut-shu-tun (leggings)
q’umunul’ ulwut (paddle shirt)
shqitus (head band)Numbers
1 – 100snuhwulh (canoe)
sq’umul (paddle)
sta’ lo’ (river)
smeent (mountain/rock)
xatsa’ (lake)
xa’x-tsa’ (pond)
tl’usiip (licorice fern)
tth’uxtth’ux (stinging nettle)
xpey’ (western red cedar)
kwulala-ulhp (red alder)
pashawluqw (yellow cedar)