Spuptitul Grade K-Grade 3

Grade 4 – 7

Each student will stand up and in hul’q’umi’num say a greeting and introduce themselves
Uy’ netulh. ‘Een’thu __________. Tun’ni’ tsun ‘utl’__________. (Good-morning. My name is _____. I am from _________. )
Each student will be asked one of the following questions. They will respond in Hul’q’umi’num.a)  ‘I i ch ‘o’ sthuthi? (How are you?)b)Skwins kw’un’ shkwan? (When is your birthday?)c) Nilh skw’ins tun’a kweyul, tu lhqelts’ tu sh kw’ush-s tu lhqelts’, tu sil’anum? (What is the date today?)
a)I tsun ‘o’ sthuthi (I am fine)
‘Uw-wu tsu ‘iin’ sthuthi’. (I am not well)
Huy ch q’u, ‘i tsun ‘o’ sthuthi’. (I am well thank-you.)

Nu shkwan ____________.   (My birthday is date/month/year)
c) (Today is /date/month/year)
How do you say…?
An adult will read an English phrase to each student. The student will say the phrase in Hul’q’umi’num.
Nem ‘itut. (Go to sleep)
Hwuythut mun’u. (Wake up my child)
‘i-lhe nem ‘utl’-qul. (Lets go outside)
Xew’s skweyul. (New day)
Hwiyuneem  ‘ch. (You listen)
‘O’ ‘iyus ch’ul’ (Have a good time/ be happy)
Mi ‘ew-wu.  (Come here.)
‘Uy’ snet  (Good night)
‘I-lhe nem’ huw’a’lum’. (Lets go play.)
Stem ‘a’lu tun’ s’i’lhtun’? (What are you eating?)
Hey’ewulh. (Good-bye)
Stem a lu’ tu’ ‘i’? (What is it?)
An adult will point to a picture and ask each student to say in Hul’q’umi’num what the picture is.
1 – 20
spe’uth (black bear)
stqeeye’ (wolf)
sqwumey’ (dog)
yuxwule (bald eagle)
mousmus (cow)
haputiil’ (grasshopper)
skw’ulwexe’ (butterfly)
wuxus (frog))
qwuni (seagull)
squl’ew’ (beaver)
ma’uqw (duck/fowl)
pous (cat)
spaal’ (raven)
stseelhtun (salmon/fish)Parts of the Body:
tupsum (back of the neck)
slhuq’we’lh (back)
t’elo’ (arm)
sxun’u (leg)Buildings:
snuhwulhew’t-hw (canoe shed)
q’aq’i-ew’t-hw (hospital)
lelum (house)
skoulew’t-hw (school)Colours:
tskwim (red)
tth’atth’uhwum’ (purple)
kwikwutth’ (blue)
tsqway (green)
kwulalu-alus (orange)
luluts’ (yellow)
tumulhalus (brown)
p’uq’ (white)
tsq’ix (black)
ts-hwikw’ (gray)
kwimulus (pink)