Chemainus Secondary Artist in the Classroom 2014/2015

Snuhwulh Snuw’uy’ulh (Canoe Teachings)
Yun’ye’num’ Spe’uth Snuhwulh / Laughing Bear Canoe

Coast Salish Artist, John Marston, working with the Chemainus Secondary and community members from Stz’uminus Penelakut and Halalt carved a traditional Coast Salish Canoe at Chemainus Secondary. This canoe project provided many cultural, artistic and technical learning opportunities for students and staff at Chemainus Secondary. One of the most powerful outcomes is an ongoing relationship between John, the artist, and the school. The plan is for John to work with students and staff every year and for each subsequent class to have the opportunity to learn from this functional artwork. The Primary change was that that George Seymour the Second artist secured full time employment and was only able to participate on a few occasions.

Presented here are series of videos that document the process.

Video One the carving Process

Video Two Steaming the Canoe

Video Three the year end celebration of learning.

Video Four  a photographic journal of the process