Indigenous Education Staff

Department Staff

District Elder/Knowledge Keeper: Dolly Sylvester
Director of Instruction: Larry Mattin
Principal: Charlie Coleman
Vice-Principal: Mary Peter
Coordinator for Indigenous Student Success: Hannah Morales
Itinerant INED Teacher: Karalyn Joyce
Administrative Support:  Donna Beardsley  250 748-0321 ext. 235

Job Descriptions

Itinerant Indigenous Education Teachers:  Itinerant Indigenous Education Teachers are culture, language and community liaisons. It is their role to help teachers integrate Indigenous culture and language into the curriculum. Itinerant teachers work with Cultural Teaching Assistants to develop and deliver programs and lessons that teach Indigenous culture and language.

School Based Indigenous Education Teachers:  School Based Indigenous Education teachers do similar work to the Itinerant teachers with the additional responsibility of tracking Indigenous students’ success, advocating for services as necessary, liaising with families and coordinating the INED team at the school(s).

Indigenous Support Workers:  The role of the Indigenous Student Support Worker (ISW) is to work alongside teachers to support Indigenous students, with respect to social, emotional, physical and educational growth. They are vital in developing and maintaining relationships between the school and the home. Among other activities, the ISWs may work one-on-one with students, may offer support in classrooms, and may make home visits.

Hul’q’umi’num Language and Cultural Advisors:  Role is to provide a range of Coast Salish cultural education and Hul’q’umi’num’ language learning opportunities to students and adults including teachers, administrators and support staff and assists in the delivery of services and Indigenous programs in classrooms

Indigenous Child, Youth and Family Ts’uwtun:  Works as part of school-based teams and district team to provide supplementary support to Indigenous students, particularly at-risk students.

Métis CTA  The Métis CTA works alongside the classroom teacher in the delivery of lessons that teach about Métis culture, history and world view. The Métis CTA is rich in Indigenous culture and tradition and his/her knowledge is available to be shared throughout the school, in all classrooms and in all curriculum areas.

Want to join our team?

If you or someone you know would be a good fit as part of our department, send us an email or call today for more details:
250 748-0321 

Indigenous Education Staff

Itinerant Team
Kara Joyce (Itinerant teacher)
Stuart Pagaduan (HLCA)
Harvey George (HLCA)
George Seymour (HLCA)
Laura Antoine (HLCA)
Corinne Chow (Métis CTA)
Vicki Gravelle (Métis CTA)

Cowichan Secondary School
Lauren Rainone (INED teacher)
Earl Jack (ISW)
Norm Thorne  Grade 11 Cohort (Ts’uwtun)
Kerra Michel  Grade 10 Cohort (Ts’uwtun)
Gina Salazar (HCLA)

Helen Myhre (INED teacher)
Gina Salazar (HLCA)
Angel Holmquist (Ts’uwtun)
Francine Thomas (Ts’uwtun)

Khowhemun Elementary
Julie Conroy (INED teacher)
Darlene Sylvester (HLCA)
Bobbie Gabriel (ISW)
Dwayne George (ISW)
April McMahon (Ts’uwtun)

Alexander Elementary 
Kelly Gervan (INED teacher)
Claudia Sylvester (HLCA)
Terry Daniels (ISW)
Gary Johnny (ISW)
April McMahon (Ts’uwtun)

Kimberly Douglas (INED teacher)
Oliver Clifton (ISW)

Chemainus Secondary 
Lori Hryniuk (INED teacher)
Rita George-Greene (ISW)

Frances Kelsey
Sonia Van Hell (INED Teacher)
Warren Mearns (ISW)

Lake Cowichan & Palsson Elementary
Ashley Bell (INED teacher)
Barb Jimmy (ISW)

Alex Aiken Elementary
Itinerant Team

Bench Elementary
Itinerant Team
Amanda Henry (ISW)

Chemainus Elementary 
Karen White  (ISW)
Itinerant Team

Crofton Elementary 
Karen White  (ISW)
Itinerant Team

Discovery Elementary
Itinerant Team
Amanda Henry (ISW)

Drinkwater Elementary
Elaine Jack (ISW)
April McMahon (Ts’uwtun)
Itinerant Team

´Ecole Cobble Hill Elementary
Itinerant Team

´Ecole Mount Prevost Elementary
Itinerant Team

George Bonner Elementary
John Thomas (ISW)
Amanda Henry (ISW)
Itinerant Team

Maple Bay Elementary
Itinerant Team

Tansor Elementary
Elaine Jack (ISW)
April McMahon (Ts’uwtun)
Itinerant Team